Let’s talk about real

IMG_5615Nothing could have prepared me for the AT. No amount of running stairs. Not walking – certainly not in very flat Houston. Squats helped. Stretching was good, and I don’t regret and of the preparation. What does prepare you for the trail? The trail!

This is only day two and there are some lessons I have learned. First be sure to ease in. Every NOBO thruhiker passing us so far has been so kind and generous with advice. Universally it has been go slow to avoid injury. People who don’t do this spiral down and drop out. Without fail.

Second the weight and fit of my pack is damn important. I have to take it seriously. Take what I need and coincider luxuries carefully.

Third – hydrate. Hydrate.  Hydrate. Powerade – yum.

Finally my feet are my best friend. Camp shoes are my favorite thing right now. More than food. Not more than water. That would be silly.

Oh…and hanging bear bags? Hysterical, hard and deeply satisfying when you hit your branch!!!

3 thoughts on “Let’s talk about real

  1. Love your honesty but more importantly I LOVE that you are blogging! I can only imagine how easy it would be to say, “Too tired to blog tonight. I’ll do it tomorrow.” Not you! You gave a moment to reflect on your second day on the AT and shared what this journey is all about. Oh and your new adoration for camp shoes!! 🙂 Kudos to you for taking care of your feet, your heart, and your soul!

  2. You ought to hear the younguns make fun of the 60+ year old aiming at the limb for the bear bag!
    On the feet, besides moleskin and bandaids, I wear a pair of thin nylon liner socks so there is less abrasive movement between layers. I’ve hiked for 45 years with boots and changed this year to hiking shoes–still Vasque, heavy arch support, but lighter. Takes some getting broken in.
    You are brave and determined. Keep up the fight: “Give out maybe; give up NEVER!”

  3. So pleased that you get to do this….. despite how tough it is!
    The fashionista in me finds it a tad weird to her someone say how much they love wearing Crocs though!!!!
    Love you!!!

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