Do what you think you can’t do

Today on the way to Annapolis Rocks I looked at an up hill section a good 2 miles out and just wanted to sit down and cry. It was one of those elevation climbs that just goes on forever, divided up by logs you have to step up on. Frankly it sucked. It was the 3rd or 4th of those today and my feet are cooked. But there’s a blogger I watch on YouTube who has a very contagious upbeat attitude about life and her motto is “Do what you think you can’t do”. Mary’s words very much got me up that last hill today!

On the plus side – and there are of course many –  today has been a day of so much wild life! White tailed deer sprung out on me because I was a bit too quiet and startled them. I just about got run over! I saw two black snakes that cared nothing about me at all. There seem to be villages of chipmunks everywhere. They like to watch as we pass. As if we are a rather sad parade with no bands or floats. We hear woodpeckers in the morning and I’ve seen several cardinals today.

Trail legs wise we are getting stronger but blisters are a thing. Doing all the right things to prevent them but it is what it is. We soaked our feet in a spring this evening and it was bliss!

In other news I fell yesterday and took a rock to the knee. Carelessness on my part. Hint: stop to put your phone away. The injury caused my knee to give way today, so fall number two. I’m less than thrilled. Boone and I are going to rest our injuries tomorrow. We are tough but not stupid.

Do what you think you can’t do applies to sitting tight when you don’t really want to. At least the view here is stunning and I have my comfy shoes!

2 thoughts on “Do what you think you can’t do

  1. Thank you for the photo of your camp shoes!! And thank you for Mary’s motto “Do what you think you can’t do”. Perfect for facing any challenge on or off the AT. The blisters sound awful…. I hope they heal up ASAP and that you continue to enjoy amazing experiences every day on the AT.

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